This page is a roughly curated list of projects and websites I have worked on, built and/or led. Feel free to contact me regarding information on any project I have been involved with.

Github projects:

  • DataMother – a data mocking and relation library for unit testing data-rich applications without pain
  • JFP – a functional programming library which draws against ideas from Lisp and Haskell, tailored to play well in Javascript applications alongside common idioms and paradigms
  • JSIOC – an inversion of control container for vanilla Javascript built as a proof of concept
  • JSLogger – a logging utility for browser-side applications to enable programmers to debug applications in real-time without muddying the console with unwanted output
  • KinJs – an object inheritance, extension, reflection and introspection library to simplify OO programming and testing in ES5

Websites and Applications:

  • – an event registration and ticketing application built on a variety of technologies including Angular
  • Bridgepoint Next Generation Learning Platform – a learning platform built as a SaaS product for Bridgepoint Education (never launched)
  • – Corporate website for Arrowhead General Insurance Agency, built on multiple technologies including a custom CMS, Javascript custom solutions, plugins and a retooled search solution
  • – Insurance point of sale solution, I built the custom CMS integration, led the style overhaul and provided foundation work for some of the custom Javascript solutions used throughout the system
  • – American Claims Management corporate website built on .Net stack, including reporting integration, custom CMS integration, etc.
  • ACM MPN – American Claims Management medical provider network search solution, built to include a geolocation search solution, custom MPN announcement poster PDF solution, theming, etc.