UX: The Break Room Microwave

As is typical with the break room at many offices, we have a microwave. Actually, we have two, but there is one in particular that everyone knows about and avoids. Everyone but me*, that is. It is a machine crafted in the forges of bad usability and total misunderstanding of user journey.

The main requirement for a microwave is that one be able to set the time for which their food will receive a nuclear blast, converting last night’s roast beef into magma. Either there is a “time cook” button, or you simply enter the time directly. The uranium-235 does the rest. Continue reading “UX: The Break Room Microwave” »

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Information Architecture: More than Skin Deep

Most of what I have seen on the web regarding Information Architecture has been related, primarily, to what the user sees and interacts with directly. This means, what users see, and how the site is, ultimately, hierarchically constructed. Very little consideration is given for what is ACTUALLY going on with the site. Continue reading “Information Architecture: More than Skin Deep” »

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