Almost Pretty: URL Rewriting and Guessability

Through all of the usability, navigation, design, various user-related laws and a healthy handful of information and hierarchical tricks and skills, something that continues to elude designers and developers is pretty URLs. Mind you, SEO experts would balk at the idea that companies don’t think about using pretty URLs in order to drive search engine placement. There is something else to consider in the meanwhile:

The user.

Several articles I found talk about the SEO benefits of pretty URLs and whether it is very important to consider using them with a site as they don’t encourage a major boost anymore. “It’s ten years too late,” they say. It’s never too late, I say. Continue reading “Almost Pretty: URL Rewriting and Guessability” »

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User Experience Means Everyone

I’ve been working on a project for an internal client, which includes linking out to various medical search utilities. One of the sites we are using as a search provider offers pharmacy searches. The site was built on ASP.Net technology, or so I would assume as all the file extensions are ‘aspx.’ I bring this provider up because I was shocked and appalled by their disregard for the users that would be searching.

This site, which shall remain unnamed, commits one of the greatest usability crimes I’ve seen: they rely only on Javascript to submit their search. In order to give you, dear reader, the scope of the issue, I always test sites like these by disabling Javascript and testing the function again.

The search stopped working. Continue reading “User Experience Means Everyone” »

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